What can I do if captioning isn't working as expected?

Troubleshooting tips to reset the glasses.

Simple Reset

If the glasses don’t seem to be working as expected—for instance, if the captions fall behind the conversation, seem to stop, or if you see an error message in the display— the glasses may need a simple reset. Try the following:

  1. Put the glasses into "Sleep" mode. Tap the power button briefly and release.
  2. Wait 2 - 3 seconds.
  3. Click the power button again to "Wake" the glasses up.

If this simple reset resolves the issue, the glasses should begin captioning again.

If you’re unable to sleep/wake the glasses or continue to experience problems, a full restart may be required.

Full restart

  1. While wearing the glasses: Press and hold the power button until the display screen goes blank and then a green “V” appears in the center of the screen (about 10 seconds).
  2. When you see the green "V" release the power button. 
  3. Within 20-30 seconds, you’ll see, the greeting screen, “Hi, I’m Xander. I’ll help you hear.”

At that point, XanderGlasses should begin to caption automatically. 

NOTE: If the glasses don’t power up, further troubleshooting may be required. 

Check the battery level

If the glasses don’t seem to turn on at all, the battery may be depleted. Please charge the glasses using the included USB-C cable and power brick. Learn more about charging the glasses

If restarting the glasses still does not resolve your issue, please contact us.