Do I need a Wi-Fi connection or a smartphone to use XanderGlasses?

XanderGlasses work as a stand-alone device. You don’t need a smartphone or Wi-Fi to get real-time captions.

XanderGlasses are ready to go out of the box. To use them, you simply push the power button, put the glasses on, and get ready to read captions. It's that easy.

We built an array of tiny microphones into the glasses that automatically begin to listen for speech, just as our ears do. The glasses transcribe speech to text in real-time, and then instantly project captions into your field of view. So when you can't hear someone, you can read what they said.

There's no need to worry about pairing to a smartphone or Wi-Fi, or connecting to the cloud. XanderGlasses are 100% self-contained, so they don’t require anything additional to work. They provide real-time captions work whenever and wherever you need them, from public places that have unstable or slow Wi-Fi to rural settings with no Wi-Fi at all.

While you do not need Wi-Fi to use XanderGlasses, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi occasionally can be beneficial. The XanderGlasses free companion app enables you to connect to known Wi-Fi effortlessly to receive free software updates.